Bryan Cargill

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We investigated the relationship between neurocognitive functioning and quality of life/self-perceived health status (QOL) among cardiac rehabilitation (CR) patients to determine whether level of neurocognitive functioning is related to baseline QOL and improvement following CR. CR patients (n = 35) were given a neurocognitive screening before participation(More)
Self-efficacy is an important component in the treatment of obesity. However, there is limited research examining changes in self-efficacy following obesity treatment. In this quasi-experimental study, 26 obese subjects demonstrated significant improvement on the Weight Efficacy Life-Style Questionnaire (WEL) following participation in a 26-week(More)
OBJECTIVE Binge eating disorder appears to be an important factor in obesity treatment. Researchers have proposed that specialized treatment programs be developed to address chronic binge eating behavior. This study was conducted to examine the relationships between binge eating, depression, body image, and self-efficacy. Based on related research, it was(More)
Recent findings suggest that smokers who are hospitalized experience significant craving for cigarettes. Thus, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may be a particularly important tool for use during hospitalization. The goal of this study is to evaluate the utilization of the transdermal nicotine patch and/or nicotine gum by hospitalized smokers. The data(More)
Relationships among depression, alcohol use, and motivation to quit smoking were examined in a sample of 350 hospitalized smokers. Multivariate multiple regression and logistic regression analyses indicated that participants with depressed mood were more likely to have a history of problematic drinking. Participants with depressed mood and a history of(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this paper is to examine the characteristics of smokers who adhere to a hospital smoking ban, compared to those who do not. DESIGN The data presented in this paper are baseline and discharge survey data collected among hospitalized smokers. SETTING This study was conducted in two teaching hospitals in a northeastern city. (More)
As carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere continue to rise, the necessity for efficient and effective carbon mitigation and sequestration techniques increases as well. However, attempts thus far have proven to be too expensive or speculative to be implemented on a global level. Our goal was therefore to devise a solution that is both efficient and cost(More)
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