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Resilience in collaboration: technology as a resource for new patterns of action
In CSCW, there has been little or no attention given to how people use technology to restore collaborations when there is a major environmental disruption. We are especially interested in studyingExpand
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'facebooking' towards crisis recovery and beyond: disruption as an opportunity
This paper reports on an ethnographic study of Facebook use amongst a population living through ongoing disruption. We interviewed 45 Iraqi citizens, as well as received survey responses from 218Expand
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Transition Resilience with ICTs: 'Identity Awareness' in Veteran Re-Integration
This paper reports on a qualitative interview study of ICT use amongst a population undergoing transition following a life disruption. We interviewed 13 veterans who were re-integrating into civilExpand
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Technology-mediated social arrangements to resolve breakdowns in infrastructure during ongoing disruption
When societies experience disruption as caused by natural disasters, various official government agencies, relief organizations, and emergent citizen groups engage in activities that aid in theExpand
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Designing Political Deliberation Environments to Support Interactions in the Public Sphere
Little is known about the challenges and successes people face when piecing together multiple social media to interact in the online public sphere when: seeking information, disseminatingExpand
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Military Masculinity and the Travails of Transitioning: Disclosure in Social Media
Research suggests that the disclosure of struggles and the connection with sympathetic others are critical during periods of transition. Whereas disclosure has been studied in various contexts, theExpand
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Hybrid media consumption: how tweeting during a televised political debate influences the vote decision
An increasing number of people are using microblogs to broadcast their thoughts in real time as they watch televised political events. Microblogging social network sites (SNSs) such as TwitterExpand
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Mediating the Undercurrents: Using Social Media to Sustain a Social Movement
While studies of social movements have mostly examined prevalent public discourses, undercurrents' the backstage practices consisting of meaning-making processes, narratives, and situated work-haveExpand
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Social media supporting political deliberation across multiple public spheres: towards depolarization
This paper reports on a qualitative study of social media use for political deliberation by 21 U.S. citizens. In observing people's interactions in the "sprawling public sphere" across multipleExpand
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Blogging in a region of conflict: supporting transition to recovery
The blogosphere is changing how people experience war and conflict. We conducted an analysis of 125 blogs written by Iraqi citizens experiencing extreme disruption in their country. We used Hoffman'sExpand
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