Bryan Boyle

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Several described growth factors influence the proliferation and regeneration of the intestinal epithelium. Using a transgenic mouse model, we identified a human gene, R-spondin1, with potent and specific proliferative effects on intestinal crypt cells. Human R-spondin1 (hRSpo1) is a thrombospondin domain-containing protein expressed in enteroendocrine(More)
Of the cosmological gamma-ray bursts, GRB 011121 has the lowest redshift, z = 0.36. More importantly, the multi-color excess in the afterglow detected in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) light curves is compelling observational evidence for an underlying supernova. Here we present near-infrared and radio observations of the afterglow. We undertake a(More)
Among the many commercial opportunities afforded by somatic embryogenesis (SE), it is the ability to clonally propagate individual plants with rare or elite traits that has some of the most significant implications. This is particularly true for many long-lived species, such as conifers, but whose long generation times pose substantive challenges, including(More)
  • G Goldhaber, S Deustua, S Gabi, D Groom, I Hook, A Kim +17 others
  • 1997
This work is based on the rst results from a systematic search for high redshift Type Ia supernovae. Using lters in the R-band we discovered seven such SNe, with redshift z = 0:3 ? 0:5, before or at maximum light. Type Ia SNe are known to be a homogeneous group of SNe, to rst order, with very similar light curves, spectra and peak luminosities. In this 3(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine risk of Down syndrome (DS) in multiple relative to singleton pregnancies, and compare prenatal diagnosis rates and pregnancy outcome. DESIGN Population-based prevalence study based on EUROCAT congenital anomaly registries. SETTING Eight European countries. POPULATION 14.8 million births 1990-2009; 2.89% multiple births. (More)
The development of Joint Attention skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is an important prerequisite to them achieving their full potential in terms of social and emotional interaction skills as they progress through childhood. This paper describes the development of a multiuser collaborative game using gestural interaction to provide autistic(More)
  • Renzo Andrich, Chris Shaw, Niels-Erik Mathiassen, Polo, Tecnologico Fondazione, Don Carlo +25 others
  • 2010
Work life, new technology and employment of disabled people – a twenty-year programme, and a success story from idea to viable international business .. Background Information on Assistive Technologies (AT) plays a key role at various levels. It is instrumental to the empowerment of people with disabilities and their families; it is required by health care(More)
In the crystal of the title mol-ecular salt (systematic name: 2-acetyl-pyridinium 2,5-dibromo-4-hydr-oxy-3,6-dioxocyclo-hexa-1,4-dienolate), C(7)H(8)NO(+)·C(6)HBr(2)O(4) (-), centrosymmetric rings consisting of two cations and two anions are formed, with the components linked by alternating O-H⋯O and N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds. Short O⋯Br contacts [3.243 (2) and(More)