Bryan Bentz

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A microfluidic assay was developed for screening botulinum neurotoxin serotype A (BoNT-A) by using a fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) assay. Molded silicone microdevices with integral valves, pumps, and reagent reservoirs were designed and fabricated. Electrical and pneumatic control hardware were constructed, and software was written to(More)
Mass spectral characterlzatlon of the Intact chromophore of organic dyestuffs, frequently prepared as salts, Is relatlvely faclle wlth desorptlon lonlratlon. The mass spectra obtalned, however, may show the presence of chemlcally altered forms of the chromophore. Comparlson of the flsslon fragment (FF) and llquld secondary Ion mass spectra (Ilquld SIMS) of(More)
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