Bryan Anderson

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Mating patterns and natural selection play important roles in determining whether genetic polymorphisms are maintained or lost. Here, we document an atypical population of Lapeirousia anceps (Iridaceae) with a bimodal distribution of floral-tube length and investigate the reproductive mechanisms associated with this pattern of variation. Flowers were(More)
E volutionists have often postulated that there are 'shared mutations' in pseudogenes (supposedly defective genes) from different baramins (biblical kinds) and that this is conclusive evidence that the different baramins share a common ancestor. Consequently, this postulation appears to falsify biblical creation in favor of evolution. This argument is so(More)
Reducing odor emissions from swine farms to avoid complaints about odor nuisance is a major issue. Ozonation has been used to reduce odor in swine buildings, but little research exists on its benefits. A swine-finishing building was divided into two identical rooms and two treatments, ozonation and the control, were applied in a cross-over design. The(More)
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