Bruria Haberman

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Novices often experience difficulties in problem analysis and solution construction. Pattern-oriented instruction (POI) is a pedagogical approach based on incorporating patterns into instruction design. It is well-grounded in cognitive theories concerning knowledge construction and organization as well as the acquisition of expertise in problem solving. We(More)
In this paper we implement and evaluate of a unique instructional method for teaching basic concepts in computer science. This method is based on introducing a new concept through activating "black boxes" that demonstrate the properties of the concept and its role in the computing process. We used the "black box"-based instructional method to teach basic(More)
During the last decade a new computer science curriculum has been taught in Israeli high schools. This curriculum introduces CS concepts and problem-solving methods independently of specific computers and programming languages, along with the practical implementation of those concepts and methods encountered in actual programming languages. The advanced(More)
Abstraction is taught to computer-science students as part of a comprehensive curriculum. The students encounter the concept of abstraction in various contexts while learning the different modules, each of which emphasizes some specific aspects of the concept. In this paper we present two instructional approaches, both related to utilizing abstraction in(More)
Despite a lack of consensus on the nature of Computing Research Methods (CRM), a growing number of programs are exploring models and content for CRM courses. This report is one step in a participatory design process to develop a general framework for thinking about and teaching CRM.We introduce a novel sense-making structure for teaching CRM. That structure(More)
Recursion is a central concept in computer science, yet it is a very difficult concept for beginners to learn. In this paper we focus on a specific aspect of comprehending recursion - the conception of the base case as an integral component of a recursive algorithm. We found that students have difficulties in identifying base cases: they handle redundant(More)
The notion of an algorithm is fundamental in computer science. Yet, it is not always fully conceived by novices. This paper focuses on a particular facet of algorithm conception - the relationship between an algorithmic problem, its analysis, and its desired algorithmic solution. The paper displays evidence that novices demonstrate cognitive obstacles(More)
As part of a national strategic plan recently established by the Ministry of Education in Israel to strengthen science and technology education, an innovative Computer Science (CS) curriculum for middle school was developed. One main goal of the new curriculum is to expose students at an early stage of education to the fundamentals of CS and computational(More)