Bruno Velaerts

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In design of high-frequency magnetic devices, various approaches have been used to provide calculation tools that are able to predict winding losses, including skin effect and proximity effect, in their two-dimensional (2-D) aspects. Up to now, these approaches have been mainly focused on giving quantitative results for specific cases. Because the final(More)
We provide a new closed-form formula that instantly calculates the 2D high-frequency ohmic losses (skin and proximity effects) in round wire windings. It has been obtained by overwriting the classical definition (shown to be erroneous) of the layer copper factor introduced in 1D analytical theories. Compared to similar previous formulas, the average error(More)
The widening need of DC back-up throughout broadband networks, coupled to reduced power consumption and growing need for DC power back-up, has brought remote powering technologies to a wider use in the last two years. Alpha Technologies has supported Telecom Italia in installing more than 20.000 “Fiber to the Cabinet” (FTTCab) nodes, equipped(More)
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