Bruno Trinchera

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A current source, which is to be employed in the calibration of low-current meters (picoammeters and electrometers), is presented here. The output current range is 100 fA to 100 pA and is directly traceable to calibrated standards of dc voltage, capacitance, and time period. The source is based on a lowfrequency (≈1 mHz) trapezoidal signal generator, which(More)
A current comparator impedance bridge, suitable for the comparison of four-terminal-pair impedance standards having similar phase angles (e.g., resistors or capacitors) in the audio frequency range at 1 : 1 and 10 : 1 nominal ratios, is here presented. The bridge is digitally assisted: Its accuracy is granted by an electromagnetic device, a(More)
A double output digital polyharmonic synthesizer suitable for the calibration of phase sensitive measuring systems and harmonics in power analyzers is being developed at INRIM. Digital-to-analog converters with high resolution and update rate simultaneously synthesize a pair of waveforms with fine trimming of electric parameters and harmonics. Its bandwidth(More)
− The precise measurement of ac voltage is traditionally performed by thermal converters. However, these devices are impractical outside the laboratories and the development of DACs and ADCs seems to provide a possibility for new high precision techniques. This paper investigates this problem and, by means of some experimental comparative tests, analyses(More)
Conductivity measurements of liquids ask for measurements of impedance spectra in a wide frequency range to identify stray parameters caused by electrode-surface effects. On low-conductivity liquids, such as ultrapure water, frequencies of interest range below those available on precision LCR meter (usually in the 10-Hz range). A new impedance spectrometer(More)