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This paper describes a study performed with the objective of investigating Concurrent Constraint Programming (CCP) as the main tool for the design and the implementation of a software path planner. The main features of the path planning are introduced along with some modeling and implementation issues. The CCP approach is motivated by the facility of(More)
/ Abstract Over the last few years successful coordination activities have been undertaken within the academic and industrial robot-ics communities (EURON and EUROP), but both communities still struggle to overcome the community-internal problems regarding terminology and suboptimally coordinated transfer of research visions, technology, and people. The(More)
— Defining and designing a System Engineering Environment in a complex industrial context is not a trivial task. Experiences, best practices, internal rules, company procedures and applicable standards, all play a role in the definition of a development process covering the different phases of development of a complex product. Engineers from various(More)
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