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The position of controlled hypotension in neurosurgery is reviewed including both the new and old techniques and the drugs used. A special emphasis is placed on our use of sodium Nitroprusside which allows short lived, but very significant lowering of the blood pressure. Using this technique it was possbile in three cases where rebleeding of the aneurysm(More)
Introduction The indirect laryngoscopy has an important role in the characterization of reflux laryngitis. Although many findings are nonspecific, some strongly suggest that the inflammation is the cause of reflux. Objective The aim of this study was to evaluate the correlation between reflux symptoms and the findings of indirect laryngoscopy. Methods We(More)
The authors studied the changes in oxygen saturation and CO2-concentration in the blood in the bulbus venae jugularis during surgical treatment of intracranial angiomas. In each case therapy consisted of resection. Under x-ray control catheters were introduced into the femoral artery, the superior vena cava and the internal jugular vein on the same side as(More)
The ease history a 53-year-old woman suffering from polyadenomatosis of the endocrine glands with recurrent adenoma of the adenohypophysis is presented. This tumor had caused death by fresh hemorrhage leading to central hyperthermia. Due to the secondary effeets of surgical interventions (transfrontal approach), the tumor had been able to grow(More)
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