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Polynomial chaos (PC) expansions are used in stochastic finite element analysis to represent the random model response by a set of coefficients in a suitable (so-called polynomial chaos) basis. The number of terms to be computed grows dramatically with the size of the input random vector, which makes the computational cost of classical solution schemes (may(More)
A new surrogate modeling technique combining Kriging and polynomial chaos expansions-Application to uncertainty analysis in computational dosimetry. Abstract In numerical dosimetry, the recent advances in high performance computing led to a strong reduction of the required computational time to assess the specific absorption rate (SAR) characterizing the(More)
ETH Project: Adaptive polynomial chaos expansions for uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis in structural dynamics Abstract In the field of computer experiments sensitivity analysis aims at quantifying the relative importance of each input parameter (or combinations thereof) of a computational model with respect to the model output(More)