Bruno Sixou

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Several methods of phase retrieval for in-line phase tomography have already been investigated based on the linearization of the relation between the phase shift induced by the object and the diffracted intensity. In this work, we present a non-linear iterative approach using the Frechet derivative of the intensity recorded at a few number of propagation(More)
—With hard X-rays synchrotron beams, phase contrast can be obtained with the measurement of the Fresnel diffraction intensity patterns associated to a phase shift induced by the object. We have studied the resolution of this inverse problem with an iterative thresholding algorithm in wavelet coordinates combined with an iterative nonlinear method with a(More)
The analysis of the trabecular bone micro-structure plays an important role in studying bone fragility diseases such as osteoporosis. In this context, X-ray CT techniques are increasingly used to image bone micro-architecture. The aim of this paper is to improve the segmentation of the bone micro-structure for further bone quantification. We propose a joint(More)