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and other drugs, as well as those asssociated with physical illness and injury, they did not indicate that the CIDI also excludes data from those respondents who consider their symptoms to be trivial or who have not consulted a physician; those who report that their symptoms do not interfere “a lot” with their everyday life and activity (as determined by(More)
BACKGROUND Demodicoses are thought to be rare, occurring mainly for patients with immunosuppression. OBJECTIVE We sought to demonstrate the high frequency of demodicoses and the overlapping with papulopustular rosacea (PPR) . METHODS We conducted a prospective epidemiologic study among 10 dermatologists. High Demodex density (Dd) was confirmed by(More)
The objective of this study was to introduce general practitioners (GPs) to the existing emergency medical services (EMS) system, in order to improve the response to emergency residential calls. The study was based in Brussels, which has 1 million residents. A GP dispatcher (GPD) was placed in the emergency dispatch centre, with a stand-by GP, together with(More)
OBJECTIVE To make a systematic, transparent, internationally comparable description of trends (1990-1999) in total, public and private (co-payment + out-of-pocket) spending on pharmaceuticals in Belgium. SETTING Belgium, a western European country, with a Bismarck-type universal coverage healthcare system. NATURE OF THE STUDY: Descriptive analysis of(More)
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