Bruno Schoentjes

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Microwave irradiation has been used to enhance organic reactions since the mid 80's, its use within the field of medicinal chemistry is not so widely evident in the literature. The present review highlights the use of microwave chemistry as an important tool for the fast development of structure activity relationship in several programs related to various(More)
Serdemetan (JNJ-26854165) is a novel tryptamine compound with antiproliferative activity in various p53 wild-type (WT) tumor cell lines. We investigated its potential as radiosensitizer using four human cancer cell lines: H460, A549, p53-WT-HCT116, and p53-null-HCT116. Serdemetan inhibited clonogenic survival in all cell lines, but in a lower extent in(More)
The blending of microwave heating and parallel chemistry is a logical consequence of the significant rate enhancement and higher product yield afforded by microwave technology and the increase in productivity afforded by combinatorial chemistry. For this reason, this combination has become increasingly popular in the organic chemistry community. The current(More)
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