Bruno Savoye

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Hyperpycnal flows form in the marine environment when river discharge enters the ocean with suspended concentrations in excess of 36 kg m due to buoyancy considerations, or as little as 1–5 kg m when convective instability is considered. They form at a river mouth during floods of small to medium size rivers including extreme events such as jökulhaups, dam(More)
The Congo deep-sea fan is one of the largest fans in the world still affected by presently active turbidity currents. The present activity of deep-sea sedimentary processes is linked to the existence of a direct connection between the Congo River estuary and the Congo canyon head that allows relatively continuous sediment feeding of the deep-sea(More)
We report the case of a young Algerian female with a voluminous abdominal tumour suggestive of a hydatic cyst of the liver. Complementary examinations (radiography of adjacent organs, ultrasonography, coelio-mesenteric arteriography, hepatic scanning) revealed two additional abdominal cysts. Furthermore, gynaecologic examination and ultrasonography revealed(More)
Five cases of Biermer's disease presenting as pancytopenia were observed over a 17-year period. In all cases, haemorrhagic and/or infectious complications occurred. The myelogram revealed qualitative medullary deficiency and laboratory data led to diagnosis. The importance of prompt substitutive therapy is underlined.
The Algerian margin is a seismically active region, where during the last century, several large magnitude earthquakes took place. This study combines geotechnical and sedimentological data with numerical modelling to quantitatively assess the present-day slope stability of the Algerian margin. Geotechnical laboratory tests, such as cyclic triaxial tests,(More)
OBJECTIVES Thyroid antibodies are present in more than 15% of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. Inversely, the prevalence of antimitochondrial antibodies in patients with thyroid antibodies is still unknown. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the prevalence of antimitochondrial antibodies in women positive for thyroid microsomal antibodies.(More)