Bruno S. Dupczak

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This work proposes a space vector modulation (SVM) scheme applied to an interphase transformers-based five-level current source inverter (IT-MCSI) in order to fulfill the following requirements: the reduction of the number of switching transitions during a switching period, the doubling of the ripple frequency with respect to the switching frequency at the(More)
This works presents a motor drive application for small passenger all electric vessels. The aim is the construction of a zero emission electric propulsion boat to be used for public transportation and water sports events. The boat is a wave-piercing Catamaran powered by lithium-ion batteries that are charged at the harbor and, partially, with photovoltaic(More)
A propulsion system based on the multilevel current source inverter (MCSI), which enables voltage-boosting and high current handling capabilities, is an interesting solution for electric propulsion. In such a system, the associated capacitance values are small and the voltages at the motor terminals are nearly sinusoidal. Such a MCSI employing interphase(More)
This work evaluates an adjustable speed drive (ASD) designed for a 12 kW electrical boat propulsion system from the efficiency perspective. The ASD comprises a custom designed permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) and a five-level current source inverter (5L-CSI). A PMSM with concentrated windings is evaluated using a design procedure based on(More)
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