Bruno S. Chang

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When linear precoding is applied to filterbank multicarrier systems, a combination of all subcarriers is transmitted, minimizing the effect of a deep fade in a subcarrier while also reducing frequency offset sensibility and the peakto-average power ratio. However, their equalization becomes even more challenging than usual. In this paper, we present an(More)
In this thesis, new precoding and equalization techniques for multicarrier systems were proposed and analyzed. First, the error performance of precoded filterbank multicarrier (FBMC) systems was analyzed. It was found out that this performance is highly sensitive to complete subchannel equalization. When there is residual intersymbol interference (ISI)(More)
Underwater acoustic networks (UAN) allow for efficiently exploiting and monitoring the sub-aquatic environment. These networks are characterized by long propagation delays, error-prone channels and half-duplex communication. In this paper, we address the problem of energy-efficient communication through the use of optimized channel coding parameters. We(More)
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