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  • Thomas Krey, Jacques d'Alayer, Carlos M. Kikuti, Aure Saulnier, Laurence Damier-Piolle, Isabelle Petitpas +8 others
  • 2010
Hepatitis C virus (HCV), a major cause of chronic liver disease in humans, is the focus of intense research efforts worldwide. Yet structural data on the viral envelope glycoproteins E1 and E2 are scarce, in spite of their essential role in the viral life cycle. To obtain more information, we developed an efficient production system of recombinant E2(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common causes of cancer death throughout the world. In this work our aim was to study the role of the phosphoserine aminotransferase PSAT1 in colorectal cancer development. RESULTS We first observed that PSAT1 is overexpressed in colon tumors. In addition, we showed that after drug treatment, PSAT1(More)
BACKGROUND Circulating DNA (ctDNA) is acknowledged as a potential diagnostic tool for various cancers including colorectal cancer, especially when considering the detection of mutations. Certainly due to lack of normalization of the experimental conditions, previous reports present many discrepancies and contradictory data on the analysis of the(More)
Although circulating DNA (ctDNA) could be an attractive tool for early cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring or prediction of response to therapies, knowledge on its origin, form and rate of release is poor and often contradictory. Here, we describe an experimental system to systematically examine these aspects. Nude mice were xenografted with(More)
The main drawback of the discrete time models Width Modulation (DPWM), from the dynamic behavior point reported in the literature for predicting nonlinear phenomena of view. We give the different operating modes and their state in power electronic circuits is their complexity which makes space equations in a general form. Then for a specific mode their use(More)
  • Najoua Lalaoui, Aymeric Morlé, Delphine Mérino, Guillaume Jacquemin, Elisabetta Iessi, Alexandre Morizot +5 others
  • 2011
BACKGROUND TRAIL/Apo2L is a pro-apoptotic ligand of the TNF family that engages the apoptotic machinery through two pro-apoptotic receptors, TRAIL-R1 and TRAIL-R2. This cell death program is tightly controlled by two antagonistic receptors, TRAIL-R3 and TRAIL-R4, both devoid of a functional death domain, an intracellular region of the receptor, required for(More)
INTRODUCTION Novel adjuvant therapies are needed to prevent metastatic relapses in HER2-expressing breast cancer. Here, we tested whether trastuzumab-selected single-chain Fv (scFv) could be used to develop an anti-idiotype-based vaccine to inhibit growth of HER2-positive tumor cells in vitro and in vivo through induction of long-lasting HER-specific(More)
By using a non linear discrete time model, this paper shows how to predict bifurcations in a two cells chopper and analyses the road to chaos. Equilibrium points and their stability are investigated in an analogical way to determine the nature of the bifurcations. The global behaviour is studied by using bifurcation diagrams showing collisions between fixed(More)
  • Yassamine Lazrek, Olivier Dubreuil, Véronique Garambois, Nadège Gaborit, Christel Larbouret, Christophe Le Clorennec +12 others
  • 2013
Blockade of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 3 (HER3) and of the downstream phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT pathway is a prerequisite for overcoming drug resistance and to develop novel treatments for cancers that are not eligible for the currently approved targeted therapies. To this end, we generated specific antibodies (Abs) against(More)