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Articulated solid bodies (ASB) is a basic model for the study of shape-changing underwater vehicles made of rigid parts linked together by pivoting joints. In this paper we study the locomotion of such swimming mechanisms in an ideal fluid. Our study ranges over a wide class of problems: several ASBs can be involved (without being hydrodynamically(More)
Scilab is a software which is quite rich in tools for the numerical approximation of control problems for ordinary differential equations (ODE's). On the contrary, it is less practical when dealing with partial differential equations (PDE's). In this work, we present some recent developments to (partly) fill this gap. These new tools be used to address(More)
We present a (non-standard) probabilistic analysis of dynamic data structures whose sizes are considered dynamic random walks. The basic operations (insertion, deletion, positive and negative queries, batched insertion, lazy deletion, etc.) are time-dependent random variables. This model is a (small) step toward the analysis of these structures when the(More)
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