Bruno Pietra

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Formal validation of an interlocking system for large railway stations: A case study. utes (as reported in gure 7), while the non-progress cycles check required less than 6 minutes. Some remarks about the experimental results. Of all the reduction mechanisms provided by spin, d_step was the most eeective to reduce the storage of irrelevant states. Without(More)
This paper reports on an experience in formal veri cation using spin. The analyzed system is the Safety Logic of an interlocking system for the control of railway stations developed by Ansaldo. The Safety Logic is a process-based software architecture, which can be con gured to implement di erent functions and control stations of di erent topology. In this(More)
INTRODUCTION Iatrogenic splenic injury is a recognized complication in abdominal surgery. The aim of this paper is to understand the medico-legal issues of iatrogenic splenic injuries. We performed a literature review on PubMed and Scopus using iatrogenic splenic or spleen injury and iatrogenic splenic rupture as keywords. Iatrogenic splenic injury cases(More)
Acute liver failure (ALF) is the clinical manifestation of sudden and severe hepatic injury. It is a rare disorder, with an incidence between one and six cases per million people every year in the developed world, and it has a high mortality rate. There are many definitions of ALF, but it is mainly characterised by the presence of encephalopathy during the(More)
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