Bruno Mueller

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Cytokinins are classic plant hormones that orchestrate plant growth, development, and physiology. They affect gene expression in target cells by activating a multistep phosphorelay network. Type-B response regulators, acting as transcriptional activators, mediate the final step in the signaling cascade. Previously, we have introduced a synthetic reporter,(More)
Morphogen gradients control body pattern by differentially regulating cellular behavior. Here, we analyze the molecular events underlying the primary response to the Dpp/BMP morphogen in Drosophila. Throughout development, Dpp transduction causes the graded transcriptional downregulation of the brinker (brk) gene. We first provide significance for the brk(More)
The architecture of a plant's root system, established postembryonically, results from both coordinated root growth and lateral root branching. The plant hormones auxin and cytokinin are central endogenous signaling molecules that regulate lateral root organogenesis positively and negatively, respectively. Tight control and mutual balance of their(More)
The spatial and temporal control of gene expression during the development of multicellular organisms is regulated to a large degree by cell-cell signaling. We have uncovered a simple mechanism through which Dpp, a TGFbeta/BMP superfamily member in Drosophila, represses many key developmental genes in different tissues. A short DNA sequence, a Dpp-dependent(More)
INTRODUCTION The present investigation aimed at identifying differences in muscle structural composition, substrate selection, and performance capacity in highly trained endurance athletes as a consequence of consuming a high-fat or a low-fat diet. METHODS Eleven duathletes ingested high-fat (53% fat; HF) or high-carbohydrate diets (17% fat; LF) for 5 wk(More)
Much of our knowledge on heredity, development, physiology and the underlying cellular and molecular processes is derived from the studies of model, or reference, organisms. Despite the great variety of life, a common base of shared principles could be extracted by studying a few life forms, selected based on their amenability to experimental studies. Very(More)
BACKGROUND Data on adherence to prescribed medication amongst diabetics are scarce. The purpose of this study was to collect information about the dynamics and patterns of compliance of elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus on oral treatment by using different assessment techniques. METHODS Adherence to prescribed sulfonylurea medication was(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence of abnormal testosterone and gonadotropin values in HIV-infected men before and after 2 years of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART). DESIGN Multicentre cohort of HIV-infected adults. METHODS We identified 139 Caucasian antiretroviral-naive male patients who started zidovudine/ lamivudine-based cART that was(More)
The plant hormones referred to as cytokinins are chemical signals that control numerous developmental processes throughout the plant life cycle, including gametogenesis, root meristem specification, vascular development, shoot and root growth, meristem homeostasis, senescence, and more. In addition, they mediate responses to environmental cues such as(More)
The phytohormone cytokinin triggers numerous and diverse responses during the plant life cycle via a two-component phosphorelay signalling system. Each step of the signalling cascade is supported by a gene family comprising several members. While functional redundancy is observed among family members, additional gene-specific functions encoded by(More)