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An ultrasonic sensor operating in air was developed to measure distance (up to 100 cm) or to operate as a proximity sensor in a presettable distance range. The error in the measured distance is about ±1 mm while the accuracy is maintained within ±1 percent of the reading in the whole temperature range from -20°C to +110°C, being the temperature dependence(More)
A study has been performed for the development of elastic-waves structures, involving screen printed and fired piezoelectric layers on nonpiezoelectric substrates, intended for new families of thick film sensors. This study approached the electroacoustic effects, i.e., the coupling between electromechanical parameters of the layers and elastic properties of(More)
In this work we present an application of an electronic prediction circuit for the speed-up of flow measurements with thermistors. The matching between the circuit and thermistors is studied and some considerations are presented on the enhancement of the bandwidth of thermistor anemometer. Operating conditions are suggested in order to optimize the dynamic(More)
A method is presented for exciting the propagation of plate waves in elastic guides. It is implemented in a device whose minimum working structure consists of a non-piezoelectric plane guide and two piezoelectric transducers operating as a generator and detector. The device is entirely in accordance with thick-film technology standard procedures. Both(More)
The dimensional stability of certain modeling elastomers was investigated. In order to obtain a complete picture, 2 samples of each elastomer class on the market (polysulphuric, polyether, silicone additives, condensation silicone), a total of 8 products, were tested according to the criteria outlined in ADA 19. In contrast with ADA 19 recommendations,(More)
A new ultrasonic transducer operating in air and fabricated by thick film technology is presented. It consists of a composite mechanical structure in which three active elements, made with planar alumina substrates supporting PZT-based piezoelectric films, behave as elastic guides. The active elements have a constant rectangular cross-section and are(More)
The influence of nonlinear effects on the dynamic behavior of self-heated thermistor flowmeters is studied. The nonlinear equation which describes the device thermal balance is solved by numerical methods and the theoretical previsions are compared with the results of experimental measurements. The results emphasize that a description of dynamic behavior of(More)
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