Bruno Moreira

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Digital games are usually developed to provide fun for people of all ages. Although games have been mostly used for entertainment purposes, they have great potential as an intervention tool in health care. Digital games can be applied in health care helping users to learn or to experience something in a fun way. However, there are important issues to be(More)
There are not many initiatives in the area of gamedevelopment for children with special needs, specially childrenwith Down syndrome. The major purpose of our research isto promote cognitive development of disabled children in thecontext of inclusive education. In order to do so, we addressaspects of interaction, communication and game design instimulating(More)
Nowadays, we are in the century of cities: there are more people living in the cities than in the countryside. In general, overpopulated cities around the world have common problems in several areas, such as city administration, education, health care, public safety, transportation, utilities, etc. In the particular case of Brazil, one of the major problems(More)
Most games today use some form of Game Object Component System to compose game entities. With this approach, components represent anything such as functionalities or just a collection of attributes, and are attached to game objects in order to properly compose it. In this paper we propose an augmented Game Object Component System with automatic(More)
One of the main issues to be handled in today's cities is related to public safety, which can be improved by implementing the smart city concept. Despite its relevance as means of achieving societal well-being, smart public security has not been much targeted by technological solutions developed to smart cities. In this paper, we introduce Safe Citizen, a(More)
The inoculation with symbiotic fungi, Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and/or Piriformospora indica on the growth, nutrient absorption, and induction of antioxidant enzyme activities in plantlets of pineapple ‘Imperial’ (fusariosis-resistant) and ‘Pérola’ (fusariosis-susceptible) in the presence of Fusarium subglutinans f. sp. ananas was investigated. The(More)
Abstract—The comprehensive CFD models have been used to represent and study the heterogeneous combustion of biomass. In the present work, the operation of a global flue gas circuit in the sugarcane bagasse combustion, from wind boxes below primary air grate supply, passing by bagasse insertion in swirl burners and boiler furnace, to boiler bank outlet is(More)
Eucalypt cultivation is an important economic activity worldwide. In Portugal, Eucalyptus globulus plantations account for one-third of the total forested area. The nutritional requirements of this crop have been well studied, and nitrogen (N) is one of the most important elements required for vegetal growth. N dynamics in soils are influenced by(More)
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