Bruno Lombard

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The study of a fractional Burgers equation arising in nonlinear acoustics is presented. The motivation comes from an elementary model of shock waves in brass wind instruments, that proves useful in musical acoustics. Such a model results from the coupling of a conservative nonlinear system with a dissipative term; here the dissipation is represented by a(More)
Propagation of transient mechanical waves in porous media is numerically investigated in 1D. The framework is the linear Biot's model with frequency-independant coefficients. The coexistence of a propagating fast wave and a diffusive slow wave makes numerical modeling tricky. A method combining three numerical tools is proposed: a fourth-order ADER scheme(More)
The interactions between linear elastic waves and a nonlinear crack with finite com-pressibility are studied in the one-dimensional context. Numerical studies on a hyperbolic model of contact with sinusoidal forcing have shown that the mean values of the scattered elastic displacements are discontinuous across the crack. The mean dilatation of the crack(More)
A numerical method is described for studying how elastic waves interact with imperfect contacts such as fractures or glue layers existing between elastic solids. These contacts have been classicaly modeled by interfaces, using a simple rheological model consisting of a combination of normal and tangential linear springs and masses. The jump conditions(More)