Bruno Loffredo

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A study was performed to evaluate the effect of prolonged environmental hypobaric hypoxia on the ultrastructure of rat cornea. 60-day-old female Wistar rats were exposed to a simulated altitude of 5,500 m (350 mmHg) and pO2 of 76 mmHg for 30 days. Control rats were exposed to atmospheric sea level pressure (760 mmHg) and pO2 of 150 mmHg, for the same(More)
Ageing in humans is associated with physiological loss of strength and skeletal muscle fibres, known as sarcopenia. This results in loss of mobility and independence in the elderly, and is a major socioeconomic and public health issue. Progression of sarcopenia can be influenced by a range of concomitant factors. In our ongoing investigations into the(More)
Carbonic anhydrase (CA) in the carotid body (CB) plays an important role in the maintenance of blood PO2 and PCO2/pH homeostasis by regulating ventilation. It has been observed that the activity of CA in the rabbit CB is stronger under hypoxic conditions than under normoxic and hyperoxic conditions. In conditions of chronic hypoxia, the volume of the CB(More)
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