Bruno Leite Dos Anjos

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A disease of the central nervous system in goats was observed in the municipalities of Juazeiro, Casa Nova and Curaça, state of Bahia, and Petrolina, state of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil. The disease was produced experimentally in two goats by the administration of dry Turbina cordata mixed with grain. Clinical signs were observed after the ingestion of(More)
An outbreak of severe cutaneous disease associated with an orthopoxvirus in horses in southern Brazil is described. Fourteen Crioulo mares and foals from a husbandry farm developed papules, and vesicles progressing to proliferative and exudative lesions on the muzzle, external nares, and external and internal lips. The vesicles eroded, and the proliferative(More)
A physical examination of the ewe was performed on the farm. Clinical findings included ataxia, incoordination, and blindness. The ewe subsequently developed generalized tremors, falling, and paddling movements, especially following exercise or movement. After cessation of the physical examination, the clinical signs became less evident and almost(More)
A crossbred 14-year-old castrated male cat had a history of lethargy, anorexia and weight loss of one month evolution. On clinical examination, anemia, emaciation, jaundice and a large mass in the abdomen were detected. Ultrasonography revealed hepatomegaly and a single splenic mass. The cat was submitted to biopsy and euthanatized during the surgical(More)
Seeds of Crotalaria retusa containing 6.84% (dry weight) of monocrotaline (MCT) were administered experimentally to sheep. Three sheep that received 136.8mg MCT/kg bw daily for 70 days had no clinical signs. Five out of six sheep ingesting single doses of 205.2 and 273.6mg MCT/kg bw died with acute (three sheep) or chronic intoxication (two sheep). Acute(More)
Plant intoxications in wildlife are difficult to diagnose, are overlooked, or are sometimes even neglected. Hence, factors that induce wild animals to ingest poisonous plants have not been sufficiently documented. An outbreak of glycoprotein storage disease in sambar deer ( Cervus unicolor ), induced by ingestion of the swainsonine-containing plant, common(More)
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