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This position paper presents arguments for including the properties of processes involved in various approaches to component-based software development in predicting system properties. It discusses how processes impact on system properties and relates the issues raised to standards that already address process and product quality. Although many standards(More)
The EU-funded project OOSPICE (IST-1999-29073) is based on Component-Based Software Engineering principles. It provides a connection between processes and process engineering, on the one hand, and process capability assessment on the other. Here, following a synopsis of the necessary mappings between differing terminologies and an outline of the OOSPICE(More)
Software Process Improvement is generally regarded a key to economic success by increasing the quality of software systems, accelerating time-to-market and decreasing development costs. Component-based software engineering , as an emerging development paradigm, targets very similar goals by focusing on the assembly of software systems from components and(More)
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