Bruno Le Grand

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AIMS A decrease in L-type calcium current (ICaL) is an important mechanism favouring atrial fibrillation (AF). Here, we aimed to identify pathogenic factors associated with ICaL downregulation. METHODS AND RESULTS Atrial myocytes were isolated from right atrial appendages obtained from 86 adult patients in sinus rhythm with coronary artery disease, aortic(More)
  • M Roux-Rouquié, N Caritey, L Gaubert, B Le Grand, M Soto
  • 2005
Since data integration is a first-order priority in systems biology, metamodeling that is the foundation for data integration, should become an effective strategy among current approaches. In practice, the building of a metamodel requires four levels: the information level 1 or data level, which consists in the basic facts to integrate, the data model at(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common complication of heart failure. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of a new pure docosahexaenoic acid derivative called F 16915 in experimental models of heart failure-induced atria dysfunction. The atrial dysfunction-induced AF was investigated (1) in a dog model of tachypacing-induced congestive(More)
The putative coupling between stably expressed recombinant h 5-HT1B or h 5-HT1D receptors and K+ channels which regulate excitability was investigated in C6 glioma cells. Outward K+ currents (IK) were examined in nontransfected C6 glioma cells and in cells expressing cloned h 5-HT1B or h 5-HT1D receptors using the patch-clamp technique in the whole-cell(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aims of the present study were to characterize the role of PAR1 in rat bladder under inflammatory conditions and determine whether a selective PAR1 antagonist, F16357, can prevent the pathophysiological symptoms of cyclophosphamide-induced interstitial cystitis (IC). EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Immunohistochemistry, contractile(More)
The effects of lubeluzole on sodium currents were examined in guinea-pig isolated cardiac myocytes by use of the whole-cell patch clamp technique. Lubeluzole (0.01-100 microM) reduced peak Na+ current (INa) obtained at a holding potential of -80 mV with an IC50 value of 9.5 (3.5-21.9) microM and a Hill coefficient of 1.1. These effects were rapid and(More)
The effect of 10(-6) M ouabain on macroscopic low-threshold T-type Ca2+ and high-threshold L-type Ca2+ currents was studied by whole cell recording in isolated guinea pig ventricular myocytes superfused with K-free, Na-free media, i.e., after suppression of Na-K-ATPase activity and Na influx through the Na-Ca exchanger. Under such conditions, the amplitudes(More)
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