Bruno Laranjeira

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We use the August 2007 crisis episode to gauge the causal effect of financial contracting on real firm behavior. We identify heterogeneity in financial contracting at the onset of the crisis by exploiting ex-ante variation in long-term debt maturity structure. Using a difference-indifferences matching estimator approach, we find that firms whose long-term(More)
We use the 2007 credit crisis to gauge the e¤ect of …nancial contracting on real corporate behavior. We identify heterogeneity in …nancial contracting at the onset of the crisis by exploiting ex-ante variation in long-term debt maturity. Our empirical methodology accounts for observed and unobserved time-invariant …rm characteristics by employing a(More)
The essential oil from the leaves of Myrcia ovata Cambess., commonly used in Brazil for the treatment of gastric illnesses, was screened for antimicrobial activity and action in the formation of microbial biofilms by Enterococcus faecalis. The oil was obtained by hydrodistillation using a clevenger-type system. Its chemical composition was analyzed using GC(More)
Comparable corpora have been used as an alternative for parallel corpora as resources for computational tasks that involve domain-specific natural language processing. One way to gather documents related to a specific topic of interest is to traverse a portion of the web graph in a targeted way, using focused crawling algorithms. In this paper, we compare(More)
Bacteroides fragilis colonizes dog guts both as a commensal and as an opportunistic pathogen. This study aims to evaluate virulence factors of 13 B. fragilis strains isolated from dog intestinal tracts and their ability for biofilm formation. Capsules were detected in all the evaluated strains. A total of 61.5% of all strains were biofilm producers. These(More)
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