Bruno Kastler

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We describe the technique of percutaneous vertebroplasty using methyl methacrylate. We injected under the guidance of CT and fluoroscopy a group of 10 patients with back pain caused by a variety of vertebral lesions including severe osteoporosis (n = 4), hemangiomas (n = 5) and metastasis (n = 1). Over varying periods of follow-up (ranging from 4 to 17(More)
MR findings are reported in three patients presenting mannosidosis. Among a family of 8 children, 4 presented typical clinical and biological abnormalities related to mannosidosis. Brain MR examinations including sagittal T1 and axial T2 sections were obtained in three patients of this family (one 25-year-old male, one 34-year-old female, and one(More)
Intracranial alveolar echinococcosis is uncommon. We report a patient with right frontal lobe and palpebral lesions secondary to a primary hepatic focus with secondary lesion in the lung. The intracranial and palpebral cystic masses were totally removed and both proved to be alveolar hydatid cysts. An unusual feature in this case is CT and MRI demonstration(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Transfontanellar contrast enhanced ultrasound (TCEUS) in infants with neurological diseases has not been previously reported. Thus, the objective of our study was to describe the imaging findings of transfontanellar contrast enhanced ultrasound (TCEUS) performed in various neurological conditions in infants and to compare the findings(More)
INTRODUCTION The sphenopalatine ganglion (SPN) has been proven to be involved in various types of facial pain syndromes. Management of these cranio-facial pain syndromes can be challenging, and existing specific treatments are sometimes inefficient and may fail. The purpose of this study is to describe and evaluate alcohol SPN in the management of(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of computed tomography (CT)-guided infiltration in the treatment of Arnold's neuralgia. METHODS A retrospective study included 31 patients suffering from Arnold's neuralgia and having undergone a total of 45 CT-guided infiltrations of the greater occipital nerve (GON), in a proximal site(More)
The authors report their experience of CT and MRI imaging in the study of suprasellar pathologies. The problems concerning the differential diagnosis between meningioma developed in the suprasellar region and pituitary tumour with suprasellar extension are discussed and illustrated; the demonstration of bone abnormalities (blistering, hyperostosis) is(More)
We present two cases of bilateral, symmetrical pedicular clefts associated with dural ectasia in von Recklinghausen's disease (neurofibromatosis). In one case the pedicular cleft was at the T12 level, while in the other it was at L4, and was responsible for spondylolisthesis. Two hypotheses are advanced to explain the cleft: (1) a congenital, dysplastic(More)