Bruno Karcher

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In untreated adult male albino rats nuclear volume and the percentage of binucleate cells were determined in the first layer of hepatocytes adjacent to hepatic venous branches of varying diameters (less than 40 microns, 40 microns-80 microns, 80 microns-120 microns, 120 microns-160 microns, greater than 160 microns), and in the third and fourth layer of(More)
The object of this study was to document enteral feeding practice in critically ill patients in a surgical intensive care unit. We asked what proportion of measured energy expenditure is delivered enterally. Patient, material, and therapy-related factors should be assessed and related to enteral nutrition. Sixty patients receiving enteral nutrition for a(More)
s Developing an industty-specificopen system through an industry consotiium is a new and innovative way to improve business efficiency. Our goal is 10 apply open systems thinking to petroleum exploration and production (EP). Limitations of current IT standards highlight the need to develop extensions to these standards to serve EP's particular business ](More)
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