Bruno Girard

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Bisphosphonates are widely utilized in the management of systemic metabolic bone disease due to their ability to inhibit bone resorption. Recently, new uses of this unique class of pharmacological agents have been suggested. Given their known affinity to bone and their ability to increase osteoblastic differentiation and inhibit osteoclast recruitment and(More)
Pilot studies revealed promising results regarding crushing virtual cigarettes to reduce tobacco addiction. In this study, 91 regular smokers were randomly assigned to two treatment conditions that differ only by the action performed in the virtual environment: crushing virtual cigarettes or grasping virtual balls. All participants also received minimal(More)
OBJECTIVE This study compared the healing of 2 laser ablation units, erbium YAG and femtosecond lasers versus conventional mechanical cutting with carbide and diamond drills to explore future applications for bone surgery. The effects of laser or mechanical ablation combined with rhBMP-7 were also investigated. METHODS AND MATERIALS Following defect(More)
The placement of grafting material in extraction sites for ridge preservation is an increasingly common practice among clinicians. This is a case report of a patient presenting with a symptomatic, foreign body granuloma following the placement of hard tissue replacement (HTR) in extraction sockets. The surgical specimen revealed numerous histiocytes and(More)
This paper presents a practical mitigation technique for the ferroresonance induced by the single-phase primary opening of a three-phase 5-legged (wound core) station service transformer. This ferroresonance problem was causing erratic behaviour of the automatic transfer switch between the main and reserve station service transformers. A nonlinear(More)
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