Bruno Gadelha Bezerra Silva

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Fluoride is the mainstay of dental caries prevention, and yet current applications offer incomplete protection and may not effectively address the infectious character of the disease. Therefore, we evaluated the effectiveness of a novel combination therapy (CT; 2 mM myricetin, 4 mM tt-farnesol, 250 ppm of fluoride) that supplements fluoride with naturally(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney transplantation is the treatment of choice for patients with end-stage renal disease. The standard surgery uses the recipient's iliac vessels for vascular anastomosis. Thrombosis and/or stenosis of the iliac vein, which are possible complications of multiple vascular access points for dialysis, can be detected intraoperatively,(More)
Evaluation of acute oral toxicity of red alga (Gracilaria domingensis sonder ex kützing) in mice C57BL/6 José Ytalo Gomes da Silva, Marcelo Oliveira Holanda, Carla Laine Silva Lima, Paula Alves Salmito Rodrigues, Erlândia Alves Magalhães Queiroz, Raquel Teixeira Terceiro Paim, Thais Vital de Freitas, Juliana Barbosa Dantas, Sandra Machado Lira, Natalia do(More)
Objective Composite graft of left internal thoracic artery and great saphenous vein in revascularization of the left coronary system is a technique well described in literature. The aim of this study is to analyze blood flow dynamics in this configuration of composite graft especially in what concerns left internal thoracic artery's adaptability and(More)
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