Bruno Gabriel

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The transmembrane potential on a cell exposed to an electric field is a critical parameter for successful cell permeabilization. In this study, the effect of cell shape and orientation on the induced transmembrane potential was analyzed. The transmembrane potential was calculated on prolate and oblate spheroidal cells for various orientations with respect(More)
A fast and sensitive fluorescence image acquisition system is described which uses an ultra-low-light intensifying camera able to acquire digitised fluorescence images with a time resolution of 3.33 ms/image. Two modes of recording were employed. The synchronisation mode allowed acquisition of six successive 3.33 ms-images synchronised with an external(More)
Cytochrome c release is thought to play an important role in the initiation of apoptosis. The nature of the control exerted by Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL on such a pathway is not precisely known. We addressed this issue by square-wave pulse electroloading of exogenous cytochrome c into Jurkat cells. Three hours after cytochrome c loading into the cells,(More)
Binding of integrins to the extracellular matrix (ECM) activates various signal transduction pathways and regulates gene expression in many cell types. Integrin-dependent cytoplasmic protein/protein interactions are necessary for activation of those signal transduction cascades. In our studies we investigated a possible association of pp125FAK, an adhesion(More)
Due to the current world economic crisis, every day is more difficult can identify and investing in profitable businesses that not require too neither money nor it is exposed to a high risk level. This project search to implement a unisex spa in Guayaquil city, we know that the supply of this type of services have increased reasonably in the last years and(More)