Bruno G Defilippi

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Lipoxygenase (LOX) is an important contributor to the formation of aroma-active C6 aldehydes in apple (Malus × domestica) fruit upon tissue disruption but little is known about its role in autonomously produced aroma volatiles from intact tissue. We explored the expression of 22 putative LOX genes in apple throughout ripening, but only six LOXs were(More)
Postharvest softening of grape berries is one of the main problems affecting grape quality during export. Cell wall disassembly, especially of pectin polysaccharides, has been commonly related to fruit softening, but its influence has been poorly studied in grapes during postharvest life. In order to better understand this process, the Thompson seedless(More)
Cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) is a subtropical fruit characterized by a significant increase in organic acid levels during ripening, making it an interesting model for studying the relationship between acidity and fruit flavor. In this work, we focused on understanding the balance between the concentration of organic acids and the gene expression and(More)
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