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A large amount of off-site blood sampling are analysed in our laboratory with a variable conveying time of up to 7 hours. Fifteen healthy volunteers were included in this study. The aim was to evaluate the stability of current analytes in regard to the temperature and the time before centrifugation. Whole blood obtained by venipuncture was collected into(More)
Glycolysis in blood samples is well-known to induce a rapid decrease of glucose concentration and the use of an antiglycolysis is supposed to prevent this phenomenon. Fifteen healthy volunteers were included in this study. The aim was to evaluate the stability of glucose concentration in regard to the type of blood collection tube used (with or without(More)
In situ diagnostics or prognostics of electronics are based on environment monitoring and reliability computation associated to experienced loads. As health assessment is a major concern for improving the maintenance process, it has to be known as soon as possible to be able to react according to the health status prediction. Indeed, the speed needed for(More)
INTRODUCTION A significant peripheral blood plasmacytosis is a rare finding associated with viral infections. We reported five consecutive cases of dengue virus infection, with circulating plasma cells. CASE REPORTS Three women and two men, aged 26 to 75 years, had returned from French West Indies less than one week before the onset of the symptoms (mean:(More)
— Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) have been developed to improve the reliability as well as the functionality and the performance of high cost systems such as helicopters. As electronics is increasingly integrated into systems, the cost of electronic equipment failures is increasing similarly. Thus, HUMS are more and more valuable for diagnostics(More)
UNLABELLED Asymptomatic urinary tract infections are common in diabetic patients. The aim of this 10 months prospective study is to evaluate urinary dipstick tests versus cytobacteriological examination to conclude the absence of urinary tract infection in diabetic subjects. Each diabetic patient hospitalised for less than 8 hours and for whom it was(More)
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