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Currently, the distribution of dental caries in patients over 35 years can be superimposed to that of the countries where the food industry has developed, with, in particular the addition of sugar in the food diet. Thus, countries with a very high incidence are Western Europe, South and East Asia the incidence is much lower [1]. This will tend to also self(More)
The principal purpose of this study was to investigate the speech of two edentulous subjects fitted with a complete maxillary prosthesis made of three different palatal materials: aluminium, resin, stellite. The study was performed using two speakers fitted with a prosthesis (a man and a woman). They took part in the acoustic recording of logatoms read by(More)
The novelty of the All-on-4 concept for a mandibular implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis is the inclination of the posterior implants. Typically, the anterior implants are placed lingually relative to the canine/incisor teeth and perpendicular relative to the occlusal plane. According to the laws of elementary biomechanics, the long axis of the(More)
La méthode d’estimation de l’âge au décès des adultes par comptage des anneaux du cément dentaire n’est actuellement pas consensuelle car fiabilité et précision diffèrent d’une étude à l’autre. De plus, aucune étude n’a été menée jusqu’à présent sur la variabilité intra-individuelle du cément. À partir d’un échantillon de 51 dents extraites cliniquement sur(More)
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