Bruno Eduardo Madeira

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— We describe a new architecture composed of software and hardware for displaying stereoscopic images over a horizontal surface. It works as a ``Virtual Table and Teleporter'', in the sense that virtual objects depicted over a table have the appearance of real objects. This system can be used for visualization and interaction. We propose two basic(More)
MUAN is a Stop Motion Animation System for Education. The MUAN system allows animation movie production offering an integrated kit of hardware and software. It consists of a computer with Linux, a digital video camera and support over necessary acessories for interconnection. The software was developed under Linux by the team of VISGRAF Laboratory, in(More)
Para uma projeção perspectiva cujo centro de projeção está posicionado em (0, 0, 0) T , e cujo plano de projeçãó e perpendicular ao eixo-z, temos que a transformação associ-adá e T 1 : S ⊂ R 3 → R 2 , definida por T 1 {(x, y, z) T } = d x z , d y z T , onde S ´ e o conjunto formado pelos pontos de R 3 que não possuem a coordenada z = 0, e d correspondè a(More)
In this paper we establish the relation between camera calibration and the generation of horizontal stereoscopic images. After that, we introduce a new method that handles the problem of generating stereoscopic pairs without using calibration patterns, instead we use the correspondence of homologous points. The method is based on the optimization of a(More)
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