Bruno Eckhardt

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Synchronization and wave formation in one-dimensional ciliary arrays are studied analytically and numerically. We develop a simple model for ciliary motion that is complex enough to describe well the behavior of beating cilia but simple enough to study collective effects analytically. Beating cilia are described as phase oscillators moving on circular(More)
We provide an overview of current techniques and typical applications of numerical bifurcation analysis in fluid dynamical problems. Many of these problems are characterized by high-dimensional dynamical systems which undergo transitions as parameters are changed. The computation of the critical conditions associated with these transitions, popularly(More)
We consider the dynamics of a low-dimensional model for turbulent shear flows. The model is based on Fourier modes and describes sinusoidal shear flow, in which fluid between two free-slip walls experiences a sinusoidal body force. The model contains nine modes, most of which have a direct hydrodynamical interpretation. We analyze the stationary states and(More)
On its opening day the London Millennium footbridge experienced unexpected large amplitude wobbling subsequent to the migration of pedestrians onto the bridge. Modeling the stepping of the pedestrians on the bridge as phase oscillators, we obtain a model for the combined dynamics of people and the bridge that is analytically tractable. It provides(More)
Finite time correlations of the velocity in a surface flow are found to be important for the formation of clusters of Lagrangian tracers. The degree of clustering characterized by the Lyapunov spectrum of the flow is numerically shown to be in qualitative agreement with the predictions for the white-in-time compressible Kraichnan flow, but to deviate(More)
Motivated by experiments on sheared suspensions that show a transition between ordered and disordered phases, we here study the long-time behavior of a sheared and overdamped two-dimensional system of particles interacting by repulsive forces. As a function of interaction strength and shear rate we find transitions between phases with vanishing and large(More)
We study numerically transitional coherent structures in a boundary-layer flow with homogeneous suction at the wall (the so-called asymptotic suction boundary layer ASBL). The dynamics restricted to the laminar-turbulent separatrix is investigated in a spanwise-extended domain that allows for robust localisation of all edge states. We work at fixed Reynolds(More)
We demonstrate the existence of an exact invariant solution to the Navier-Stokes equations for the asymptotic suction boundary layer. The identified periodic orbit with a very long period of several thousand advective time units is found as a local dynamical attractor embedded in the stability boundary between laminar and turbulent dynamics. Its dynamics(More)