Bruno Dehez

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BACKGROUND Several pilot studies have evoked interest in robot-assisted therapy (RAT) in children with cerebral palsy (CP). OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of RAT in children with CP through a single-blind randomized controlled trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixteen children with CP were randomized into 2 groups. Eight children performed 5(More)
The use of kinematics is recommended to quantitatively evaluate upper limb movements. The aims of this study were to determine the age effects on upper limb kinematics and establish norms in healthy children. Ninety-three healthy children, aged 3–12 years, participated in this study. Twenty-eight kinematic indices were computed from four tasks. Each task(More)
Article de périodique (Journal article) "Variable Stiffness Actuator applied to an active ankle prosthesis: Principle, energy-efficiency, and control" Abstract Series elastic actuators are very popular in rehabilitation robotics. Among other advantages, elastic elements between the actuator and the load permit to store and release energy during the task(More)