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BACKGROUND Several pilot studies have evoked interest in robot-assisted therapy (RAT) in children with cerebral palsy (CP). OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of RAT in children with CP through a single-blind randomized controlled trial. PATIENTS AND METHODS Sixteen children with CP were randomized into 2 groups. Eight children performed 5(More)
Series elastic actuators are very popular in rehabilitation robotics. Among other advantages, elastic elements between the actuator and the load permit to store and release energy during the task completion, such that the energy balance is improved and the motor power peak is decreased. In rhythmic tasks like walking, this reduces to design the spring(More)
This paper presents a robot aimed to assist the shoulder movements of stroke patients during their rehabilitation process. This robot has the general form of an exoskeleton, but is characterized by an action principle on the patient no longer requiring a tedious and accurate alignment of the robot and patient's joints. It is constituted of a(More)
This paper presents the optimal design of an alignment-free exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of the shoulder complex. This robot structure is constituted of two actuated joints and is linked to the arm through passive degrees of freedom (DOFs) to drive the flexion-extension and abduction-adduction movements of the upper arm. The optimal design of this(More)
The use of kinematics is recommended to quantitatively evaluate upper limb movements. The aims of this study were to determine the age effects on upper limb kinematics and establish norms in healthy children. Ninety-three healthy children, aged 3–12 years, participated in this study. Twenty-eight kinematic indices were computed from four tasks. Each task(More)
Instrumentation able to estimate upper limbs kinematics has a lot of relevance in the context of rehabilitation of stroke patients. The systems based on inertial systems seem to be well suited for clinical environment and numerous authors have presented wearable systems interesting in terms of accuracy and easiness of implementation. These systems always(More)