Bruno Dagnino

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We investigated the organization of eye-movement classes in a natural and dynamical setup. To mimic the goals and objectives of the natural world in a controlled environment, we studied eye-movements while participants played Breakout, an old Atari game which remains surprisingly entertaining, often addictive, in spite of its graphic and structural(More)
Evolutionary psychologists have been interested in male preferences for particular female traits that are thought to signal health and reproductive potential. While the majority of studies have focused on what makes specific body traits attractive-such as the waist-to-hip ratio, the body mass index, and breasts shape and size-there is little empirical(More)
The authors report that in the introduction, in Page 1263 of the manuscript the following paragraph has to be corrected: In setups in which objects move in an unpredictable way, the smooth pursuit system collaborates with the saccadic system in order to improve tracking (Orban de Xivry & Lefevre, 2007). The appearance of a moving stimulus in the environment(More)
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