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In the great majority of cities it is difficult and hardly expensive to create more parking spaces for vehicles since they have almost reached its full occupancy. Combining this problem with an inefficient use of parking spaces leads to congestions due to aggregation of parking seekers and regular drivers. Recent advances in low-cost, low-power embedded(More)
This paper is focused on demonstrating a real testbed for managing logistics systems in hospital environment exploiting the benefits of M2M and IoT paradigms. The work presents an architecture based on low-cost devices interacting with an enterprise application server placed anywhere in the Internet following the architecture proposed by ETSI for M2M(More)
Nowadays, energy efficiency has become a major issue in mobile networks operation. Due to the exponential rise in the number of wireless Internet-connected mobile devices reducing electrical energy consumption is not only a matter of showing environmental responsibility, but also of substantially reducing their operational expenditure. However, energy(More)
The rapid advent of different wireless technologies has posed several new challenges and requirements which current architectures are not able to appropriately deal with. The growing presence of heterogeneous access networks, together with the increasing demands from the end-users, require a re-thinking of current access selection algorithms and appropriate(More)
Winemaking was born more than two thousand years ago and from that moment on a wine culture has flourished and reached almost all corners around the world. Over the years, winemaking techniques have evolved, paving the way to discover varietal characteristics unknown to the most traditional wines, and enabling the coexistence of traditional techniques and(More)
In this paper we present an fully empirical assessment of the possibilities which are brought about by an architecture able to handle multiple wireless access technologies. Heterogeneity is believed to play a key role in forthcoming communication scenarios and therefore some entities able to appropriately tackle the new challenges are deemed necessary.(More)
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