Bruno Cézar Brabo Pereira

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The homeobox transcription factor CDX2 plays a crucial role in intestinal cell fate specification, both during normal development and in tumorigenic processes involving intestinal reprogramming. The CDX2 regulatory network is intricate, but it has not yet been fully uncovered. Through genome-wide screening of a 3D culture system, the RNA-binding protein(More)
Development of effective non-viral vectors is of crucial importance in the implementation of RNA interference in clinical routine. The localized delivery of siRNAs to the gastrointestinal mucosa is highly desired but faces specific problems such as the stability in gastric acidity conditions and the presence of the mucus barrier. CDX2 is a transcription(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the inter-observer reproducibility of the Tronzo classification for transtrochanteric fractures using the kappa concordance coefficient (κ). METHODS Twenty radiographic images in anteroposterior view on hips with transtrochanteric fractures of the femur were used. These were classified by 12 observers using the Tronzo method. The(More)
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