Bruno Bruni

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In the title compound, C(13)H(15)N(2) (+)·Cl(-)·H(2)O, the ions and water mol-ecules are -connected by N-H⋯Cl, O-H⋯Cl, NH⋯Cl⋯HO, NH⋯Cl⋯HN and OH⋯Cl⋯HO inter-actions, forming discrete D(2) and D(2) (1)(3) chains, C(2) (1)(6) chains and R(4) (2)(8) rings, leading to a neutral two-dimensional network. The crystal structure is further stabilized by π-π stacking(More)
Metoprolol, a widely used adrenoreceptor blocking drug, is commonly administered as the succinate or tartrate salt. The structure of metoprolol succinate, C(15)H(26)NO(3) (+)·0.5C(4)H(4)O(4) (2-), is characterized by the presence of ribbons in which cations, generated by N-protonation of the metoprolol mol-ecules, are hydrogen bonded to succinate anions.(More)
The title compound, C(16)H(20)N(4)O(3)S·0.25CH(4)O·0.25H(2)O, is a hydrate/methanol solvate of torasemide, a diuretic drug used in the treatment of hypertension. The asymmetric unit contains two torasemide mol-ecules and half-occupied methanol and water mol-ecules. It is isomorphous with the previously reported nonsolvated T-II form of torasemide. The water(More)
The structure [Danilovski et al. (2001 ▶). Croat. Chim. Acta74, 103-120] of the T-N (non-solvated) polymorph of torasemide, C(16)H(20)N(4)O(3)S, a diuretic drug used in the treatment of hypertension, has been redetermined at low temperature. The zwitterionic form of the mol-ecule is confirmed, although GAUSSIAN03 calculations suggest that this form is less(More)
The crystal structure of the title compound, C(18)H(13)NO(4), the oxidized form of the drug aminaftone used in venous disease therapy, is characterized by the presence of ribbons of hydrogen-bonded mol-ecules parallel to the [111] crystallographic direction and by stacking inter-actions between rings [centroid-centroid distance between quinone rings = 3.684(More)
The structure of the title compound, C(14)H(28)N(3)O(2) (+)·HSO(4) (-), a nootropic drug (pramiracetam) investigated for cognition-enhancing properties, is closely similar to that of the previously determined acetonitrile solvate, both structures being characterized by the presence of ribbons of hydrogen-bonded ions. The pyrrolidine ring adopts an envelope(More)
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