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In this paper we present a machine vision system for supervision and guidance of a tube inspection manipulator used for eddy-current inspections of steam generators in nuclear and thermal power plants. Operation of nuclear power plants is regulated by very strict safety standards. In one inspection cycle a few hundred out of a mesh of approximately 6,000(More)
This article presents advantages of using new technologies and design methods for control of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). For this purpose, a matrix-based description of FMS operations is adopted, as it generates the form of the FMS supervisory controller that is directly convertible into the programmable logic controller (PLC) program. An accent(More)
This paper presents advantages of using virtual reality FMS models and corresponding dynamic simulators for design, analysis, dynamic simulation and visualization of complex flexible manufacturing systems. Developed software has been used for creating a virtual model of the laboratory FMS setup. It is shown how phenomena like operation conflicts and(More)
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