Bruno Baracat

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Environmental-factor changes may largely be accountable for the dramatic increase of obesity prevalence in industrialized countries. This study investigated the relationships between body mass index (BMI) and various socio-economic, clinical, behavioural and reproductive factors in a population from Southern France. METHODS Using a(More)
This study examined age-related differences in decision criteria and the extent to which inconsistencies in earlier findings could be due to sampling artifacts, especially the underlying effects of educational level and sex. Male and female participants (N = 3,059) from 4 age groups (32, 42, 52, and 62 years) and a wide range of educational levels performed(More)
Twelve young adults (age 21-25 years) and twelve older adults (age 57-65 years) performed a visual discrimination task (parallel lines) in which the following factors were manipulated: the difference in the length of the lines (3% and 9%), signal exposure duration (150, 750, and 2000 ms), and presentation modality (simultaneous and successive). The effect(More)
In this paper we examined plan continuation error (PCE), a well known error made by pilots consisting in continuing the flight plan despite adverse meteorological conditions. Our hypothesis is that a large range of strong negative emotional consequences, including those induced by economic pressure, are associated with the decision to revise the flight plan(More)
The study of Bue and Gollac (1988) provided evidence that a significantly lower proportion of workers aged 45 years and over make use of computer technology compared with younger ones. The aim of the present survey was to explain this fact by a more intensive analysis of the older workers' attitude with respect to the computerization of work situations in(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of this study was to examine a large, varied occupational French cohort for possible relationships between various dimensions of occupational stress, on the one hand, and the occupational status and socio-demographic characteristics of workers on the other. METHODS Data was taken from the first, cross-sectional phase of the VISAT study(More)
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