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The monitoring of photovoltaic (PV) systems is important for the optimization of their efficiency. In this paper, a low-cost smart multisensor architecture equipped with voltage, current, irradiance, temperature, and inertial sensors, for the monitoring (at the panel level) of a PV system, is presented with the aim of detecting the causes of efficiency(More)
The use of nonlinear architectures for energy harvesting can significantly improve the efficiency of the conversion mechanism, as respect to the use of linear devices, especially when the mechanical energy is distributed over a wide frequency bandwidth. This is the case of energy harvesting form wideband vibrations. In this paper, performances of a(More)
  • Bruno Ando
  • IEEE transactions on neural systems and…
  • 2008
Visually impaired people are often discouraged in using electronic aids due to complexity of operation, large amount of training, nonoptimized degree of information provided to the user, and high cost. In this paper, a new multisensor architecture is discussed, which would help blind people to perform urban mobility tasks. The device is based on a(More)
This paper is focused on the exploitation of intrinsic nonlinear dynamics toward novel measurement systems and readout methodologies. In particular, sensors that can be represented as nonlinear dynamical systems and are often reducible to systems described by a static nonlinearity are considered; the nonlinear behavior therefore reduces to the dynamics of a(More)
This paper deals with an advanced approach for the monitoring of elders and people with neurological pathologies (e.g., Alzheimer). The system that adopts a multisensor approach is able to recognize critical events, such as falls or prolonged inactivity, to monitor the user posture, and to notify the alerts to caregivers. In particular, this paper focuses(More)
It is well known that overdamped unforced dynamical systems do not oscillate. However, well-designed coupling schemes, together with the appropriate choice of initial conditions, can induce oscillations (corresponding to transitions between the stable steady states of each nonlinear element) when a control parameter exceeds a threshold value. In recent(More)