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OBJECTIVES To ascertain hospital inpatient mortality in England and to determine which factors best explain variation in standardised hospital death ratios. DESIGN Weighted linear regression analysis of routinely collected data over four years, with hospital standardised mortality ratios as the dependent variable. SETTING England. SUBJECTS Eight(More)
BACKGROUND Reports of high mortality after paediatric cardiac surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, UK, led to the establishment of an independent public inquiry. A key question was whether or not the mortality statistics in Bristol were unusual compared with other specialist centres. To answer this question, we did a retrospective analysis of mortality(More)
We present the development of COMMODITY12, a Personal Health System (PHS) to assist in the provision of continuous and personalised health services to diabetic patients, thus empowering their lifestyle regardless of their location. COMMODITY12 consists of ambient, wearable and portable devices, which acquire, monitor and communicate physiological parameters(More)
Recent shop floor paradigms and approaches increasingly advocate the use of distributed systems and architectures. Plug-ability, Fault Tolerance, Robustness and Preparedness are characteristics believed to emerge by instantiation of these fundamentally new design approaches. However these features, when effectively present, often come at the cost of a(More)
Modern Production Paradigms, supported by state-of-art developments in IT, present major opportunities for the effective implementation of sustainable shop floors. With an increased focus in seamless system reconfiguration most proposals advocate the use of modular and distributed architectures that are dynamic compositions (adaptable and evolvable(More)
Of 150 Escherichia coli strains we cultured from specimens taken from cattle in Europe, 3 had elevated MICs against colistin. We assessed all 3 strains for the presence of the plasmid-mediated mcr-1 gene and identified 1 isolate as mcr-1-positive and co-resistant to β-lactam, florfenicol, and fluoroquinolone antimicrobial compounds.
In this paper we briefly describe Tangram-II, an integrated environment for computer network analysis, modeling and measurement, pointing out the new features implemented for version 3.1 of the tool. It is also described a set of examples which will be used during the " SBRC Tools Exhibition Session " to show all the power and flexibility of the tool.
Mobile recommendation is a field of active research considering the importance mobile devices assume in our daily lives. In this paper we propose a solution - android widget - that recommends apps, calls and SMS's to the user, depending on the day/hour of the week and also based on the past behavioral pattern of user activity. The recommendations can be(More)