Bruno Akio Sugiyama

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This paper reports an ongoing work in applying Common Sense knowledge to Machine Translation aiming at generating more culturally contextualized translations. Common Sense can be defined as the knowledge shared by a group of people in a given time, space and culture; and this knowledge, here, is represented by a semantic network called ConceptNet. Machine(More)
A BST R A C T We present a computational application to facilitate text chat-based communication between people with different cultural and language background. We focus on end-to-end communication between people with rudimentary and intermediary knowledge of the second language using computer support rather than using a simple connection with automated(More)
In this paper, we present a web-chat application called Culture-to-Chat (C2C). The purpose of this chat is to help users to produce messages in a English as a Second Language - ESL. Regarding this task, C2C has two resources that we named Cultural Translator and Machine Translator. The Cultural Translator uses a Brazilian Portuguese cultural knowledge base(More)
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