Bruno Abegg

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The importance of weather for tourism is now widely recognized. However, no research has so far addressed weather events from retrospective viewpoints, and, in particular, the role of “extreme” events in longer-term holiday memories. To better understand the character of ex post weather experiences and their importance in destination image perceptions and(More)
Weather and climate are important factors for travel decision-making and overall tourist satisfaction. As central motivators for destination choice, they directly and indirectly influence demand patterns and can be a resource and limitation for tourism at the same time. In this paper, results of an in-situ survey of mountain summer tourists (n = 733) in the(More)
Clearly, it should be emphasised that climate is only one of many factors influencing snow tourism. However, less snow threatens the winter tourism industry in mountain areas. Good snow conditions are a necessity, although that is not the only prerequisite for a financially viable mountain cable-way company. Without enough snow, however, profitable ski(More)
Durch den Einsatz stationärer Aufarbeitungsanlagen kann die Arbeitsproduktivität bedeutend gesteigert werden. Ob sich daraus auch eine Kostensenkung ergibt, kann nur eine Kalkulation im Einzelfall zeigen. Die vorliegende Arbeit hat das Ziel, Unterlagen für solche Kalkulationen zu liefern, soweit dies anhand von nur fünf Beispielen möglich ist. Productivity(More)
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